The weekend of October 20-22 Grandmaster Leung Ting led a Kung-Fu training seminar in San Antonio, Texas.  In addition to receiving instruction from my Si-Gung, It was a chance to train with my WingTsun family from all around the nation. I always delight in catching up with them and working on techniques. Below are some lessons I was reminded of  on this past trip:

-It is always remarkable at how even in the advanced levels, we return to the simple ideas and discover the versatility in application that simple movements allow.

-We can’t do anything about how our opponent moves, only how we move.

-Footwork is important!

Thank you to all those that participated.




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Master Mike Adams, 5th Level Practition, is holding a seminar on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at the Scottsdale Martial Arts Cener in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Master Adams is among the first American students be granted the Master level by his Sifu Grand Master Leung
Ting.  Currently, he is teaching martial arts in the Central Illinois and Chicago area.  This seminar is a special opportunity to gain some insight on the effectiveness of wing tsun from a certified master.

Contact Sifu John for to register.