coordinates the muscle groups for improved balance, structure and body unity


body movement, breath work which increases mindfulness and awareness


close range self-defense system that maximizes a person’s chance in a real encounter

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Get started training with the elite Leung Ting WingTsun® Kung Fu!  Wing Tsun (pronounced Wing Chun) is a Chinese Martial Art that prefers economical movement, and practical positioning over the acrobatics that many people associate with martial arts. Wing Tsun is famous for its chi-sau training, as well as its reputation for being an effective form of self-defense. Some well-known practitioners of this unique martial art include Bruce Lee and his teacher Ip Man.

WingTsun® Kung Fu is an accessible martial art that only requires effort and a positive attitude. You will notice an increase your fitness level through movement, coordination drills, and strength training in a safe atmosphere. Whether you have no martial arts experience, or are just looking for something different to spice up your current regimen, Wing Tsun is for you.

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Learn martial arts and how to defend yourself and reach your goals.  We have multiple opportunities per week to train in Wing Tsun.

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